Production of draw items Verbania

  • Production of draw elements in Verbania

    Mechanical elements for the mass production

    General gas is specialised in the production of draw elements in Verbania for machineries of different sectors. We plan and manufacture mechanical draw elements, proposing also customized items which perfectly correspond to the project of customers. Customers are sure to have a high-quality production, because we offer the best services and we employee only expert people specialised in the use of innovative technologies, software of illustrations such as 3d cad and cad cam and the use of CNC. We are able to manufacture all types of elements customers need and we can also offer a consultation service about the best solution possible for every single customer and to optimize the production processes with the producing of some prototypes.

  • General Gas: synonym of innovation and technology

    General Gas: synonym of innovation and technology

    General Gas application is a modern company set up in 1960. During the years we have constantly had an evolution which, nowadays, is reflected in the high-technological level, through the use of cad and cad cam software, in the production of draw elements and specific mechanical items in Verbania in different sectors. We work in the taps and fittings sector, in the hydraulic and aeronautic sector, we also produce underwater equipment and customized elements for every sector. No matter what is the sector requested, our producing are characterised by high quality standards and the best cohesion possible with the project furnished by customers. Our team of expert and competent people, through its log-time experience, can satisfy every type of requests. 

  • Optimize production process

    Our company is able to satisfy different types of producing, in the best and economic way possible, with high-quality and precision, because of our constant investment in the innovative and up-to-date machineries and in the continuous search for the best solutions. General Gas is the leader in the production of draw elements in Verbania and we offer also a technical support, if needed, in the implementation of customers’ projects and the supply of all the necessary products, requested to have qualification tests, before the start of mass production, in order to guarantee the quality of the whole production process. All our activities are perfectly in line with customers’ needs because we ensure an excellent expertise and also the respect of the established deadlines. We always use high-quality raw materials, with a certified origin, when we have to produce our items. 

  • Bathroom taps and fittings

    Bathroom taps and fittings

    For nearly 60 years the company deals with the creation of design components in Verbania with precision machining for numerous areas of application, such as sanitary fittings. For this General Gas industry produces components in series and fitted.

  • Hydraulic


    Precision machining and production of mechanical components and valves for various sectors including that of hydraulics. The company stands out for the production of small parts in certified and guaranteed quality for every application.

  • Aeronautic


    Production of aircraft components in stainless steel. The specialized technicians are also working on a design by following the specific requests closely. The production process is subject to careful controls that ensure high quality standards.

  • Underwater


    Thanks to the experience the company is able to provide its customers with high production flexibility capable of serving many industries for high-precision machining (including the mechanical components for the diving industry).

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